Urban Garden Share Success

Peas and lettuce - and I don't have to tend!

I joined Urban Garden Share last year for one simple reason: Seattle P-PATCH.

When I first moved to Seattle, I was excited about getting my own little patch, to grow veggies and meet other gardeners. This is the goal of P-PATCH. Then I found out that there’s a long waiting list. How long? Hundreds of people long! I put my name on the waiting list and nothing materialized.

A year later, we bought a house. I was also pregnant with my daughter. I remembered how much I wanted a plot of land when I lived in an apartment, and promptly offered a roughly 5 x 5 foot square in front of my house. I figured it would make someone else happy and give me a little less work to do.

Well, the first year that I offered the little plot, I had some bites but nobody really came to love the little garden. Then this past spring an architect that had his master’s thesis in Urban Agriculture wrote to me. He’s been tending his little farm all this spring – success!

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