It’s Always Sweet to Give Flowers

My daughter’s school has its last day today, and I showed her how to snip some flowers for a cute hand-tied bouquet. And when I say showing her, that mainly means my reiterating that the flowers need to have stems attached. :)

The bouquet is mostly, but not entirely, made up of edible flowers. Calendula is the bright cheery orange one. By Leila’s suggestion, we threw in a few chive blossoms, and agrostemma is the fluttery 5-petaled flower.

I still haven’t fully taken advantage of the fact that I have a number of lovely edible flowers in my garden. The best tip I read recently was to dry calendula blossoms and save the bright petals to garnish soups during the dark days of winter. Sounds smart. I do hope that some of the very strong smell that calendula has would dissipate when dried, as when freshly cut it’s very overpowering.

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