Sugarpill in Seattle

It was my birthday earlier this week, and while I was in Capitol Hill with my sister and my little girl, we stopped by the shop Sugarpill. The main thing that caught our eye upon entering was the wall of salts. Sugarpill has a huge selection of culinary salts, with unique varieties like merlot salt and fennel salt!

There are also a number of herbs and other gourmet kitchen items in the store, and the owner carefully curates her collection of goods so that the brands aren’t ones that you typically see in even much higher-end food stores in Seattle.

So what did I walk out with? A few ounces of rosehips :) I’m sad I can’t find rosehip syrup available anywhere in Seattle, but at least to tide myself over I have teas and the bulk product to work with and think up something creative for using it.

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