Outside Your Window

By the time you have a pre-school aged child on your hands, it’s likely that you’ve read through a few books numerous times. Enough times to have some books memorized, or to despise others for being complete devoid of any interest.

In the past few months I also realized how much I want to start imparting a bit of my own wisdom and subjects on my daughter. Nothing too pushy or controversial. Just beautiful little facts or subjects that strike an emotional point in my heart.

So with Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature, I got a thick book with gorgeous illustrations and lovingly worded descriptions about aspects of every season. It’s divided into four main sections (spring, summer, fall, and winter), which allows the reader to focus on the vignettes individually as desired. “Spiderlings”, “Blossoms”, “Pond Dipping”, and “Lizards” are just some examples of the titles inside each season.

Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature

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