Dinner for a Mom

I heard a knock on the door soon after giving birth to my son. I was disheveled and almost didn’t come to greet whoever was there, but I was so glad I answered! It was my neighbor from across the street, the one that’s my age and always in her front yard gardening. “Would you like it if I brought you some food Saturday night?”


Offering food to a new mom is the best present you can give. It doesn’t matter whether it’s her first baby, if she normally eats in the fanciest of restaurants, or makes everything from scratch. I found out my neighbor across the street is an amazing cook and baker.

The main item of interest was a salad with heirloom tomatoes, leeks, boiled eggs, cannellini beans, yellow peppers, and shaved parmesan over lettuce. I even got a little shaker of homemade dressing to go over it all. The flatbread was still warm from being cooked on her grill, and the dessert was a flat-out drool inducing chocolate cream pie.

I’m gloating a little about this meal that I got almost 3 months ago, but I have a much more noble intention with this post. I want to reach out to everyone that knows someone that just had a baby. Ask the Mom if she’d like you to drop off dinner. Ask if there are any dietary restrictions or allergies, but aside from that I swear she’ll have a rosy smile on her face at the prospect of food without worry or fuss. Do it!

Finally, I’d like to introduce my son, Zane Marcus Sawicki. Born July 23, 2012 :-)

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