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Little Book of Little Gardens

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about awesome tiny gardens. I found the miniature works of art, especially the pothole gardens, to be a delightful way to make a person stop in their tracks and take notice of their surroundings. I also feel that it’s the right thing to contact someone about their photos before posting in a blog, which is how I met the pothole gardener himself, Steve.

I’m happy to announce that Steve now has a book! You can read more about it at The Little Book of Little Gardens.

I can’t give a review yet, but as soon as I have my copy in hand I’ll share the love on these cute little gardens. Check it out!

Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale

A few images from the Seattle Tilth plant sale this past Saturday.

Lots of people, but doesn’t look too crowded, right? This doesn’t show that I was actually in line to get inside :) You get a wristband of a certain color and are allowed entry at a certain time. It’s worth it!

Leila has taken to carrying a little notepad around with her. It totally looked like she was writing down descriptions of the plants.

I’ve had luck with tomato plants here in Seattle, but coaxing those plants to actually create a tasty and large enough tomato has been a challenge. I’m hoping my Soldacki tomato will yield tasty results, as Krakow is almost at the same latitude as Seattle.

Borage is Beautiful

I love pairing edible plants with ornamentals! Here I think the herb borage plays very well with the dark purple tulips.

Cherry Blossoms and Hellebores in Washington Arboretum

While the quad at the University of Washington is famous for its blooming cherry trees in the spring, if one seeks fluttery pink petals without hallowed public ivy brick facades and a visual onslaught of girls in Uggs and tight jeans, there are alternatives! One of my favorite green spaces to visit in Seattle is the Washington Park Arboretum.

My sister (a recent transplant to Seattle from NJ) recently saw a hellebore and asked about its name, as it’s a plant that doesn’t seem to be as common in the Northeast USA as it is in the Pacific Northwest. Also commonly known as Lenten Rose, it has an elegant and unusual look to its flowers, and comes in a palate of colors from ranging from white to a carbon purple-grey, blushed pink to dark magenta. It doesn’t scream for attention, but if you’re close enough it entices you to step closer to investigate.

There is also a magic bridge, which Leila uses to fish from using a fir bough.

Front Yard Garden Plan: Majorelle Blue and Daffodil Yellow

This year I’m going with a Majorelle Blue and Daffodil Yellow theme for my front yard. In case you’re not familiar with the term Majorelle, there’s a famous garden in Marrakesh, Morocco where a bright, vibrant hue of blue is a dominant feature. It looks quite breathtaking and I feel an instant connection with that color. The “Jardin Majorelle” looks magical.

I don’t have a large budget, but I decided this year to take that lovely, bright blue hue and pair it with yellow in my garden.

This is just a taste of what I have for early spring, I’ll post photos for late spring when the next round of flowers pop up!

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