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Sugarpill in Seattle

It was my birthday earlier this week, and while I was in Capitol Hill with my sister and my little girl, we stopped by the shop Sugarpill. The main thing that caught our eye upon entering was the wall of salts. Sugarpill has a huge selection of culinary salts, with unique varieties like merlot salt and fennel salt!

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Delicious and Unique Sweet Spreads

Blue Chair Fruit’s Morning Toast 2-pack

My good friend Liz got me a wonderful gift this past holiday season, a marmalade from Blue Chair Fruit. This wonderful company makes tasty jams and also runs classes based out of its North Oakland, California headquarters.

I received their blood orange and chestnut honey marmalade with rosemary, which was just stunning on my morning toast. I’m still meaning to try it on some crostini with some slivered parmesan cheese. I wouldn’t hesitate to also try their Elderberry Jam or Meyer Lemon-Blood Orange Marmalade with Rose Geranium. Yum!

Hearts-of-Palm Savory Cupcake

Today was my first look at Foodzie, the “Etsy of Food” as some have called it.

Maybe I’m just in a hearty mood, but these Savory Hearts-of-Palm Cupcakes for sale by Rio’s Brazilian look just right for a January afternoon snack. 3 cupcakes for $10.

Lavender Mint Drinking Chocolate

Would you be able to resist this?

A lovely cup of lavender mint cacao from Flying Bird Botanicals.

From the product description:

this drinking chocolate is also delectably different, made with lavender and peppermint… the smell is intoxicating and the first sip exciting… refreshing and warming at the same time… mmmmm

A fine Valentine’s Day gift!

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