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Rose Hip Muffins

I LOVE rose hips!

I can’t quite figure out why they aren’t included in more recipes. They have bright citrus notes yet have an earthiness that is distinct and comforting. I grew up with a hot rose hip syrup drink for cold days and a sore throat. There is so much natural pectin in the fruit that making jams and jellies with them is supposedly a breeze.

Yes, they are a bit messy. There are stems and little round disks that need to get strained out, but the results are worth the bother.

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Sugarpill in Seattle

It was my birthday earlier this week, and while I was in Capitol Hill with my sister and my little girl, we stopped by the shop Sugarpill. The main thing that caught our eye upon entering was the wall of salts. Sugarpill has a huge selection of culinary salts, with unique varieties like merlot salt and fennel salt!

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It’s Always Sweet to Give Flowers

My daughter’s school has its last day today, and I showed her how to snip some flowers for a cute hand-tied bouquet. And when I say showing her, that mainly means my reiterating that the flowers need to have stems attached. :)

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Chocolate Fig Sandwich Cookies

Figs are such a delicious fruit when fresh or dried, but I often delegate them into a healthy role as a snack in between meals. I hadn’t thought about pairing them with chocolate until Mike came home with some Ficoco spread that he bought while in Florida. It’s a delicious and more healthy alternative to Nutella. It’s also fat-free, but not when spread on these butter-laden but sinfully chewy yet slightly sandy cookies.

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Grinding Coffee Beans

What do you do when you’re in a hotel room and your loved one has cruelly left the coffee grinder with a co-worker? Grind them yourself with an empty bottle of ale and a plate!

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