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Chocolate Fig Sandwich Cookies

Figs are such a delicious fruit when fresh or dried, but I often delegate them into a healthy role as a snack in between meals. I hadn’t thought about pairing them with chocolate until Mike came home with some Ficoco spread that he bought while in Florida. It’s a delicious and more healthy alternative to Nutella. It’s also fat-free, but not when spread on these butter-laden but sinfully chewy yet slightly sandy cookies.

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Lavender Mint Drinking Chocolate

Would you be able to resist this?

A lovely cup of lavender mint cacao from Flying Bird Botanicals.

From the product description:

this drinking chocolate is also delectably different, made with lavender and peppermint… the smell is intoxicating and the first sip exciting… refreshing and warming at the same time… mmmmm

A fine Valentine’s Day gift!

Bûche de Noël

My first Bûche de Noël ! It was a very fun project for a day spent at home. Merry Christmas!

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