Guerilla Gardening for Potholes

Former pothole, now a miniature garden. Photo by Allison Moore.

I came across Pothole Gardens on the Heavy Petal blog, and immediately went to the source to find out more of what this garden-in-a-pothole thing is all about.

The photo above came from the Pothole Gardener blog, where a fellow named Steve in London, England takes the time to plant lovely little gardens in dangerous and unsightly potholes in his area.

After scrolling through Steve’s blog a little while, it came to my attention that this pothole garden idea started partially with a class at California College of the Arts

The development of cities is completely focused around the construction and maintenance of these asphalt pathways, which prioritize the personal automobile over all other modes of transit. A great deal of energy goes into repaving roads when they are worn away by their constant use. [...] If the process of asphalt mining and processing is accounted for, we find that the system is enormously consumptive and detrimental.

So take ugly damaged roads, and when the city can’t or won’t repair them as needed, plant something pretty. Even if a car does run over the cute patch of plants, at least you were nice enough to save them from having to replace their tire.

This ideas has grown into something far greater than a college project – people around the world are getting together and are contributing to the guerilla gardening movement. So be a modern-day Johnny Appleseed and always keep a few seeds and a bit of soil in your pocket, ready to sprinkle them about if it looks like a patch of earth (or road) is neglected!

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