Bluebird Ice Cream

I’m in the middle of helping to compile content for the launch of a foodie website, and part of my task is to scope out local ice cream shops. Hard task, I know!

I decided to start with Bluebird Ice Cream in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.
The owner, Josh, was more than willing to talk about his shop and the unique flavors available. I decided to try Elysian Beer and Chocolate Pudding. Honestly, the beer’s bitterness was not unlike coffee ice cream, but pairing it with the sweet and rich pudding flavor really complimented each flavor. I think was better than having each on their own. Delicious.

Savoring the ice cream while people watching.

My friend Julie took the photos while I chatted Josh up and held my daughter, Leila. Leila’s at a really great age (8 mo.) for going out during the day – she smiles, coos, and excitedly watches everything I eat.

I was going to head on over to Pretty Kitty this week, but sadly it looks like they closed! There must be a ton of competition right now in the ice cream sector in Seattle. If you know of another place to check out let me know!

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