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Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale

A few images from the Seattle Tilth plant sale this past Saturday.

Lots of people, but doesn’t look too crowded, right? This doesn’t show that I was actually in line to get inside :) You get a wristband of a certain color and are allowed entry at a certain time. It’s worth it!

Leila has taken to carrying a little notepad around with her. It totally looked like she was writing down descriptions of the plants.

I’ve had luck with tomato plants here in Seattle, but coaxing those plants to actually create a tasty and large enough tomato has been a challenge. I’m hoping my Soldacki tomato will yield tasty results, as Krakow is almost at the same latitude as Seattle.

Spring Plant Activities

Ribes sanguineum or "Red-flowering Currant"

It’s springtime in Seattle, and here are a few ideas on what to do in your free time this month if you love plants! I’d also love to hear about what’s going on in other areas of the country this month.

The Washington Native Plant Society has a bunch of different field trips scheduled for this spring.

Stop by one of the local Farmer’s Markets and buy a bunch of local flowers to brighten your brunch table.

The Arboretum Foundation is having an Early Bloomers Plant Sale today (April 10th) followed by the Northwest Fuchsia Society plant sale (April 17th). Both are held at the Washington Arboretum.

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