Homemade Puff Pastry

I resisted trying to make puff pastry for many years. It turns out that it isn’t so bad!

Probably the most important requirement is to keep things chilled, and to work somewhat quickly.

It doesn’t hurt that on my last trip to Costco I bought a 25 lb bag of flour, so there’s plenty of incentive to use it and not let it go to waste.

With almost any other recipe I love, I’d usually bite the bullet and type out the entire thing. But with these directions – I don’t think so. However, this recipe is a sure-fire to flaky delicious crusty goodness. To quote the author, “the following instructions might appear exhausting; don’t worry, they’re merely exhaustive”. Very true. well, she was talking about pie dough but I think it applies to the rough puff pastry as well. So what’s the book? Here it is: the Grand Central Baking Book.

I used the Handpie Spicy Potato recipe. I didn’t have coriander seeds on hand, but I’m so happy that I decided to actually purchase them. They do let off a faint citrus smell when warmed, and when mixed with the ginger, cumin, and jalapeno peppers I knew I’d found just the right seasoning. I’m a die hard samosa fan, but don’t have a deep fryer to make those tasty little dumplings. The hand pies really are an excellent treat!

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