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Let’s Talk Tea in Seattle

Do you like tea? Or LOVE tea?

Seriously, who talks about Seattle and tea in the same sentence? It’s always coffee, espresso, sexy baristas, and latte art in my town.

I’m expecting my second child in July, so one of the biggest changes I’ve made to my diet lately is adhering to the well-known “don’t eat or drink” list. You know, don’t drink alcohol, don’t have too much caffeine, no soft cheese, etc. I’m usually a morning coffee drinker, but I’ve rediscovered my love of black and green teas in the past few months.

In Seattle there are a number of awesome coffee shops (which by the way also happen to usually serve awesome tea), but what deserves some attention are the tea shops! I met up with some friends for a tea tasting at Vital Tea Leaf near Pike Place Market. I tried a wide selection of teas, starting with light and subtle green teas, going through a range of oolong and puerh, and finishing with the darkest black tea. I can’t even remember the number of teas I tried, but it was a fun time!

Miro Tea in Ballard has a great atmosphere for getting work done, playing a game of chess, or just catching up on for a chat. A wide selection is available and the best part is that unlike many other strictly tea shops their hours are geared for the person that wants to stay out a bit late. 10PM!

If you want a frilly, ladylike tea experience then there’s nowhere else to go than Queen Mary Tea in Bryant. I went with my Mom one summer day for lunch, and we were surprised by the number of ladies dressed up, girls in tiaras, and general atmosphere of formality. I don’t think I saw a single guy in the packed room aside from the waiters. But the food is great, and you could possibly get the girly tea party experience you’ve always dreamed of!

My First Food Sensitivity

So delicious.. Why doesn't my tummy like it?

I recently discovered that I have a food sensitivity. The problem is that I don’t know the exact ingredient or combination of ingredients that is causing the symptoms. The name of the tea that’s making me feel strange is “Goji Berry Green Tea”. Here are the ingredients:

Green Tea, Hibiscus, Organic Rooibos, Rosehips, Goji Flavour, Raspberry Leaf, Strawberry Flavour, Matcha, Licorice Powder And Citric Acid.

Sounds delicious right?

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