For The Love Of Succulents

Terrariums containing succulent plants are very popular right now, and I just wanted to group together some of the best kits and designers I found out about in the past few days.

The Lítill terrariums are definitely the most ethereal of this group. It’s like having a little piece of another planet’s landscape right on your desk.

mjög design from Lítill

Greenware Design has some lovely designs in their shop.

Indigo Striped Bowl by Greenware Design

Succulent Love has a nice line of containers and plants tucked inside. Kelly, the owner of Succulent Love, certainly is a prolific business owner (she also has a cupcake company and a design company as well!) The succulents she tucks inside various containers are unusual visually, and many of them have great names. See “Take me to your leader”.

I’m enchanted with the model from Flora Grubb’s store. It’s simple and pretty. It appears to be sold out at the moment, but it really looks like something I could make on my own without too much trouble.

Terrarium ornament from Flora Grubb

Of course.. you could always make one of these puppies yourself…

Here’s how to not make a terrarium. Maybe I’ll just admire the photos of the terrariums others make?

Finally, there’s Terrarium Man. My hero!

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